How do I Integrate Stiddle with Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform. After connecting Mailchimp with Stiddle, you will be able to automate email sequences to follow up with your leads. This allows you to follow up with your leads by sending them all individual emails directly from your Stiddle lead page. With this integration, you can automatically add a lead to your Mailchimp audience and tag them, when a lead fills out a landing page or schedules an appointment.

  • Setup Stiddle Landing Page Email Automation
  • Direct your leads from Stiddle to Mailchimp
  • Add to Mailchimp audience with tag(s)

Automate a marketing campaign

When a new lead/contact is added to Stiddle’s CRM, (e-scheduler booking, e-commerce purchase, landing page form) we will pass the leads/contacts information to Mailchimp:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Notes
  • Mailchimp Contact Tag

Important note about GDPR

Please ensure that your invitees grant consent to receive emails from you before you add them to a Mailchimp audience. Once your invitees opt-in, we add them to Mailchimp audiences as subscribers.

If your invitees are in General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) countries, we add them to Mailchimp as "transactional contacts" (who only receive messages about orders, shipments, test messages, etc.) and ask them to opt-in to future emails.

Video Tutorial 

To integrate Stiddle with Mailchimp

Before you begin, you'll need:

  • A paid Stiddle account with admin privileges
  • A Mailchimp free or paid account with admin privileges 

1. Go to Settings from the Stiddle side menu. Then, navigate to the Integrations tab under the settings tab in the left settings menu.

2. Click on the Mailchimp icon and click add integration.

3. You will be prompted to a screen which requests you to fill in your Mailchimp API URL and API Key. To find or generate your Mailchimp API key, click on this link: Your API Keys and follow the steps below.

4. Go to your Mailchimp dashboard and select your Profile.

5. Once you arrive at your Mailchimp profile, select “Extras” from the top menu, then select “API keys” from the dropdown. 

6. After arriving at your API keys settings, scroll down to “Your API Keys” and select the “Create a Key” button.

7. Once the Mailchimp API key is created, copy the key and proceed back to Stiddle.

8. Paste the API key you copied from Mailchimp into the “API Key” field in Stiddle. 

9. Lastly, you will need to copy the below API URL and paste it into the “API URL” field in Stiddle. 

Copy the API URL Below: 


After you paste the API URL into the corresponding field, you will need to copy the last three digits from your API Key, and paste them into the <dc> section of your API URL (be sure to remove the brackets <> when you paste the three digits). 

10. Select “Connect” and you will see a confirmation message letting you know that the connection was successful. 

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