Why Isn’t My Ad Approved?

There are many factors that go into creating and approving an advertising campaign with Stiddle. Here are a few reasons why your ad may not be approved:

Personal Attributes:

Facebook defines personal attributes as characteristics which explicitly imply or reveal information about someone.

Examples which are not acceptable include:

  • “Come meet other lesbians!”
  • “John Smith this product is just for you!”
  • “Want to meet other black singles?”
  • Etc.

Adult Content

Facebook reserves the right to block content which is deemed inappropriate for multiple reasons including: excessive skin, implicit sexual behaviour, or sexualized body parts.

Brand Usage

Facebook will not allow its brand to be portrayed in a light other than what they desire and so will block ads which:

  • pluralize the Facebook trademark, abbreviate it as “FB” or use it as a verb
  • use the “f” or Facebook logos in place of the word “Facebook” in ad copy
  • use the Facebook corporate logo in an ad. The logo is reserved for corporate use

Landing Page

Facebook will review the ads on their platform and check the landing pages of ads to ensure that they are functional, appropriate according to the above standards, and related to the advertised content. If your landing page does not meet those requirements Facebook will remove or block your ad.

Other Disqualifications

  • Doesn’t meet community standards
  • Ad promotes illegal products
  • Ad promotes or implies discrimination of any kind
  • Tobacco and related products are advertised
  • Drugs and drug-related products
  • Unsafe Supplements (as decided by Facebook)
  • Sales of Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives
  • Adult Products/Services (contraceptives and family planning may pass but must focus on the quality of the product not sexual enhancement)
  • Etc.

For a complete list and description of Facebook Ad guidelines read more here.


To change your advertisement’s status on Facebook all that needs to be done is to change the ad or appeal to Facebook. Changing the ad is usually easy to do and will result in approval. Stiddle is a flexible platform which can support any changes you need to make.

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