About Free Trials?

Ready to take the next step in your advertising journey or just entering the world of digital advertising? Stiddle is here to help you save time and money by simplifying and automating your social media advertising. We are currently offering all new customers a 7 days free trial.

When - The free trial will begin the day you sign up at https://stiddle.com/ The trial will end 7 days after your initial sign up date.

What - Stiddle is is an automated, full-funnel Facebook & Instagram advertising platform capable of outperforming ad agencies for a fraction of their price. To read more about Stiddle, visit https://stiddle.com

Why - Stiddle is here to simplify, automate, and optimize your advertising funnel. Our industry leading advertising platform automatically creates audiences, generates offers and landing pages for your business or clients.

Where - Stiddle is currently a web app, optimized for both Chrome and Safari. We also offer a mobile app to easily monitor and turn on/off your campaigns on the go, available in both Apple and Android app stores.

How - Stiddle utilizes artificial intelligence to help you create, automate, and optimize your facebook ad campaigns. After you have acquired your leads, you can manage, tag, and follow-up in our native Stiddle CRM.

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