FULL SETUP GUIDE: Connecting your Facebook account to Stiddle

Before using Stiddle, your Facebook account needs to be connected to import your ad accounts and Pages. Your account needs to be connected to manage your advertising, publish your ad campaigns and receive analytics.

In order to use Stiddle to manage your campaigns, you must fulfill the prerequisites to running Facebook ad campaigns, which include the creation of a Facebook Business manager, an ad account, and a Facebook business page.


  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Ads Payment Method 

* Please note that all four prerequisites above need to be connected under the same business manager you use to connect Facebook with Stiddle.

Connecting your Facebook Page and Ad Account to Stiddle

During onboarding, you will be prompted to connect your Facebook account with Stiddle. 

1. Click the connect now button

2. You will be prompted to log in to Facebook

3. Once you log in, give Stiddle permission to access your Facebook account.

4. If the page is frozen for longer than a minute, we suggest refreshing the page and trying again.

Disconnecting a Facebook Ad Account

To disconnect an account, simply navigate to the settings menu. Press the trash can icon on the right side of the account you want to remove. 

Please note: Removing ad accounts from Stiddle doesn't remove the ad account entirely. Your campaign data will be saved and hidden until you add the account back.

Creating a Facebook Business Manager

1. Navigate to https://business.facebook.com/overview , where you can access Facebook’s Business suite that is linked to your personal Facebook account. Click the blue “create account” button on the top right corner in order to create your Facebook Business account. 

Keep in mind that every personal Facebook account can only create two separate business manager accounts. If your organization requires more than one business manager account for whatever reason, Facebook recommends asking someone else in your organization to create the business manager instead and add you as an administrator.

2. After clicking on the “create account” button, you will be prompted to log into your personal Facebook account. Facebook requires you to have a personal Facebook page/account to create an ads manager. If you do not have a personal Facebook account, click the green “Create new account” button.

3. After logging into your Facebook account, you will be prompted to enter your business name, your user name, and your business email address. After completing the fields, click next.

4. Enter your business details in the next page and click the Submit button

Creating a Facebook Ads Manager Account

Facebook provides you with three ways of adding an ad account to your business manager. 

  1. Add ad account: Adding an ad account to your business manager moves the account permanently into your Business Manager account. However, you must be an admin of the Business Manager as well as the owner of the ad account. This action cannot be reversed.
  2. Request access to ad account: As a member of your Business Manager, you can request access to ad accounts, an admin needs to approve of this request in their business manager account.
  3. Create a new ad account: You have the option to create a new ad account in Business Manager, which permanently belongs to the business manager. The account can only be transferred to another owner if they also have a business manager account.

Add an ad account to Business Manager

1. Go to https://business.facebook.com/settings/

2. Click on your Business Manager from the displayed accounts.

3. Click accounts from left drop down menu and click ad accounts

4. Click the blue “add” dropdown menu.

5. Here, you have the option to either add an ad account, request access to an ad account, or create a new ad account.

6. If you are adding an ad account or requesting access to an ad account, enter the ad account ID, which you can access from the top left corner of  Ads Manager.

Request access to an ad account

1. Click the blue “Add” button and select the “Request access to an ad account” button from the dropdown menu.

2. To request access there are two options. First, you can add the Ad account ID you are looking to request access to. The second option is to share the request code to the account admin with the ad account you are trying to access. They can assign you as a partner in the Ad account settings using your request code.

3. You will then see your ad account added here.

Create a new ad account

1. Click the blue “Add” button and select the “Create a new ad account” button from the dropdown menu.

2. Fill out your new ad account name, timezone, and currency.

3. Choose if you're creating this ad account for your business or on behalf of another company.

4. Select the people you would like to have access to this new ad account (be sure to include yourself). Then click on “Full Control” “Manage Ad Account” button and select “Assign”.

5. You will be prompted with a confirmation that your page has been created successfully. From here you can add a payment method for your advertisements or close and add later.

6. You will see your new ad account listed here.

Ad account creation error trouble-shooting

  1. According to Facebook’s documentation, you cannot add an ad account to your business manager if the ad account you’re trying to add has already been added by another business. Facebook policy dictates that one ad account can only be owned by a single business manager. You can solve this problem by requesting access to the ad account instead of adding the account to your business manager.
  2. If you are already using a personal ad account, you cannot add more than one ad account from your personal Facebook account into your Business Manager. You can solve this problem by creating a new ad account or requesting access to another ad account.
  3. If you’ve reached the limit to the number of ad accounts your business manager has, Facebook does not allow you to request for more ad accounts. However, your ad account limit is relative to your advertising spend. 
  4. Prepaid ad accounts cannot be added to Business Managers unless they’re from certain locations.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

1. Go to https://facebook.com. Open your personal Facebook profile and select create at the top of the homepage, choose page.

2. Name your Page, add a category to describe your page, and enter your business information, such as address, contact information, etc. Select continue.

3. Select Continue, decorate your page with profile photo, cover photo, and now you have a new page!

Creating and Connecting a Facebook Business Page to Business Manager 

1. Go to https://business.facebook.com/settings/pages/ or navigate to Business Settings, click on Accounts, then select Pages. 

2. Select the blue “Add” button. Here you have a few options to add, create or request a page.

3. Facebook provides you with three ways of adding or creating a Facebook Page to your business manager. 

  1. Add a page: Your business already owns this Page, or you need to own it. For example, another company created the Page for you. Claiming a Page moves it into Business Manager.
  2. Request access to a page: Your business needs to use this Page on behalf of another business. For example, you work for an agency, and you want to run ads on a client's Page. The Page will still belong to its current owner.
  3. Create a new page: You need a new Page for your business.

Add a page

1. Click the blue “Add” button and select the “Add a page” button from the dropdown menu.

2. Enter your Facebook business page name or paste the URL. Then select “Add Page”.

3. You should then see your page listed here.

Request a page

1. Click the blue “Add” button and select the “Request a page” button from the dropdown menu.

2. Enter your Facebook business page name or paste the URL. Then select “Add Page”.

3. You will need to check for the request email to confirm the request.

4. You should then see your page listed here.

Create a new page

1. Click the blue “Add” button and select the “Create a page” button from the dropdown menu.

2. Choose a category for your new business page.

3. Then fill out the information asked by Facebook to create the page.

4. Your new page will appear here and is ready to use with Stiddle. 

Adding an advertising payment method in Stiddle

1. Log into your Stiddle account and go to https://app.stiddle.com/#/create-settings/adsettings

2. Click on the “Add Account” button.

3. Find the ad account you want to add a payment method to and select the “Add a payment method on Facebook” button.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do see the ad account you’d like to add the payment method to, go back to step 1 and remove the selected ad account. Once removed you will be able to re-select and add a payment method using the “Add Account” button. Also note, ad accounts with payment methods already added will not show the “Add payment method” button. In this case, you will need to follow our instructions on how to update your Facebook payment method using Facebook business manager. 

4. Select the “Add Payment Method” button in the Facebook popup window.

5. Lastly, add your payment method information and select “Next”.

6. You are now ready to start running your ad campaigns using Stiddle!

If you are facing any other issues trying to connect Facebook to Stiddle, please view the below articles or contact our support team here

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