Connecting your Facebook account to Stiddle

Before using Stiddle, your Facebook account needs to be connected to import your ad accounts and Pages. Your account needs to be connected to manage your advertising, publish your ads and receive analytics.

To add your Facebook ad account

  1. Upon signing in to Stiddle for the first time, you'll be prompted to connect your accounts. Click Connect Facebook Account. Or to add additional accounts, navigate to the Facebook ad accounts page in your Settings and click Add new Facebook ad accounts.
  2. If you are not already signed in to Facebook, enter your Facebook login credentials (email and password).
  3. Click Continue as (profile name).
  4. Click Choose what to allow if you don't want Stiddle to import all Facebook Pages.

5. Uncheck the boxes next to any pages you do not wish to use in Stiddle.

All other toggles for allowing ads and business manager access must remain enabled so that Stiddle can publish your ads to your Facebook Pages and ad accounts.

6. Click OK.

  1. Click Continue. Once the connection to Facebook is authorized:
  • If you have permissions to manage 5 or fewer ad accounts, they will all be automatically added to Stiddle. How to remove an ad account
  • If you have permissions to manage more than 5 ad accounts, you'll see a list of ad accounts associated with the Facebook profile. Click the check box to the left of the ad account(s) you want to manage in Stiddle, and then click Add Facebook ad accounts.

7. Complete your profile so we can learn about your ad management needs, and then click Continue.

8. Click Start managing your ads.

9. It's now time to create your first campaign!

Your active campaigns, and completed campaigns from the past 3 months are automatically imported, so you can create reports with that historic data. Imported campaigns do not count against your plan's ad spend limit.

Note the import can take up to 1 hour. Learn more about importing.

Stiddle won't make any changes automatically. We do require you to grant us permission to manage your Facebook Pages in step 5 for a very specific reason: Ads are simply Facebook Page posts that get promoted. In order to create and publish your ads, we need this permission. Nothing else will be published to your page.

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