How to Create Mailchimp Rules in Stiddle

To set up rules for Mailchimp

  1. Go to Settings from the Stiddle side menu. Then, navigate to the Integrations tab under the settings tab in the left settings menu.

2. Select the “Manage Integration” button if you’ve already connected Mailchimp to Stiddle. If you see the “Add Integration” button, you will need to integrate Mailchimp with Stiddle. To do so, checkout this guide: VIEW HERE.

3. Select the “Add New Rule” button to begin creating a new Mailchimp rule. 

4. After naming the rule you will need to select the Stiddle landing page you’d like your leads/contacts to export from.

5. You will then need to select an Audience in Mailchimp that you’d like your leads/contacts to be added to.

6. Lastly, select a tag you’d like to add from Mailchimp. This step is optional but a great way to keep organized in Mailchimp. 

7. Select “Save” and wait for the confirmation.

8. You’ll then see your new rule added to the “Current Rules” section. From here you can disable and edit the rule.

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