How to Disconnect and Re-connect Mailchimp and Stiddle

To disconnect Stiddle and Mailchimp

Note: if you disconnect Mailchimp, the rules you create in Stiddle will be deleted.

1. Go to Settings from the Stiddle side menu. Then, navigate to the Integrations tab under the settings tab in the left settings menu.

2. Select the “Manage Integration” button if you’ve already connected Mailchimp to Stiddle. If you see the “Add Integration” button, you will need to integrate Mailchimp with Stiddle. To do so, checkout this guide: VIEW HERE.

3. From here, select the “Disconnect Mailchimp” button below the “Integration Details” box. 

4. Conform you’d like to disconnect Mailchimp from Stiddle and continue. 

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