Adding a payment method for Facebook ads

Adding an advertising payment method in Stiddle

1. Log into your Stiddle account and go to

2. Click on the “Add Account” button.

3. Find the ad account you want to add a payment method to and select the “Add a payment method on Facebook” button.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do see the ad account you’d like to add the payment method to, go back to step 1 and remove the selected ad account. Once removed you will be able to re-select and add a payment method using the “Add Account” button. Also note, ad accounts with payment methods already added will not show the “Add payment method” button. In this case, you will need to follow our instructions on how to update your Facebook payment method using Facebook business manager. 

4. Select the “Add Payment Method” button in the Facebook popup window.

5. Lastly, add your payment method information and select “Next”.

6. You are now ready to start running your ad campaigns using Stiddle!

Adding an advertising payment method in Facebook Business Manager

1. Go to

2. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook business manager account. If you don’t have an account, please read our instructions on how to create an account.

3. Select the ad account you want to add or change the payment method on.

4. Select the blue “Add Payment Method” button

5. Select your location and currency for billing. 

6. Add your payment information and continue.

7. You have now added your payment method and are ready to start running ads with Stiddle on your ad account.

If you are facing any other issues trying to add a payment method to Facebook, please contact our support team here

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