How do I favorite a dashboard? Why do I need this?

Favoriting a dashboard

Favoriting a dashboard allows for quick and easy access to a dashboard in two ways - when selecting a campaign, ad set, or ad within the campaign manager, and when selecting the “My Favorite Board” from the navigation menu. 

To select a dashboard as your favorite, navigate to the “All Dashboards” page, located in the left navigation. 

Find the dashboard you want to favorite, then select the dashboard menu (three dots).

Select “Mark Favorite”.

Once marked as favorite, you’ll see the dashboard move to the first position on your “All Dashboards” page. Your favorite dashboard is indicated by the gold star icon next to the name.

To quickly access your favorite dashboard, simply select “My Favorite Board” from the left navigation. You’ll then be directed to your favorite dashboard.

To see analytics from the Stiddle Campaign Manager, simply hover over a campaign, ad set, or ad, then select the “Analytics” button.

Once selected, you’ll see the select campaign, ad set, or ad enabled in your favorite dashboard for quick analysis.

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