How do I see which campaigns are responsible for a specific order?


There are two ways to see which campaigns, ad sets, and ads are responsible for a purchase conversion. You can see a preview of the orders made from a specific campaign, ad set, or ad within the campaign manager using the "Orders" column or see a more in-depth report within profiles.


Previewing orders from the Campaign Manager


By selecting the “Orders” metric within the columns, you’ll be able to see a list of every customer that purchased a product from that Channel.





Previewing orders from a profile


To preview a specific profile, navigate to the “Profiles” page, located on the left side navigation menu.


From here, you’ll see a complete overview of every website visitor and customer since the time you installed the Stiddle Pixel.


See a quick overview of which products customers have purchased by selecting the number under the “Order Number” column.


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