How does profile merging work?

Merged & anonymous profiles - What are they? How to find them?

When a visitor visits from multiple different devices, browsers, or uses different checkout details, they are created into an anonymous profile. Once the visitor purchases a product or has a common unique identifier (email/phone), they become merged into a single profile. This gives you a single source of truth for the customer’s journey. 

To find the merged profiles of a customer, simply navigate to the “All Profiles” page, and select the customer profile you want to view.

Once inside the customer profile, scroll down and select “Merged Profiles”. 

A list of all the profiles associated with that customer will be displayed with any additional information collected by the previous merged profiles.

IMPORTANT: Please note that once a profile is merged, the anonymous profile will no longer exist, instead the information associated with that profile will be merged into a single profile.

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