What are blended metrics?

What are blended metrics?

Blended metrics are a great way to have a holistic view of your campaign performance between ad channels. Blended metrics are the total of all connected ad channels combined together. For example, Facebook Impressions + Google Impressions = Blended Impressions. Blended metrics also work for Stiddle Attributed metrics. For example, Facebook Attributed Purchases + Google Attributed Conversions = Attributed Blended metric.

Difference Between Attributed and Original Blended Metric

When selecting a new metric, you’ll notice two options to display data from the selected channel - “Original” and “Attributed”. 

Original - Original metrics are the standard metrics reported and synced directly from the channel connector. These are often not attributed or accurate and are a great way to compare between the Attributed metrics.

Attributed - Attributed metrics are tracked and calculated using Stiddle’s first-party tracking pixel. These are accurate and attributed metrics with up to 100% accuracy. These metrics are great to gain a comprehensive understanding of your data, giving you the confidence you need to scale.

Adding a Blended Metric to a Dashboard

To add a blended metric to a dashboard, simply add or edit an existing metric widget, then select the "Blended" metrics from the left menu. 

You'll then have the option to select between Stiddle Attributed or Original platform blended metrics.

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