Stiddle Attributed Metrics - How to setup and troubleshoot

Attributed Metrics Not Loading

There are a few reasons your Stiddle Attributed metrics may not be loading:

1. The Stiddle Pixel is not setup on your Shopify store properly

2. UTM Parameters are not setup correctly in your ads manager (Google & Facebook)

3. You have selected an ad account that is inactive or not supported (Google MCC)

4. There is not data yet - once a visitor lands on your website, a profile should be created.

5. No purchases or conversions have taken place yet - test purchase a product to see the metrics change

Configuring Attributed Metrics

In the “Metric Configurator”, you’ll see two options to select from - “Attributed” and “Original”. 

Attributed metrics are the accurate data tracked by the Stiddle Pixel. These metrics are attributed and the most accurately reported.

Original metrics are the reported data by your ad channels like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. This data is unreliable and not accurate. We recommend using this data to compare between Stiddle’s attributed data.

Original - Original metrics are the standard metrics reported and synced directly from the channel connector. These are often not attributed or accurate and are a great way to compare between the Attributed metrics.

Attributed - Attributed metrics are tracked and calculated using Stiddle’s first-party tracking pixel. These are accurate and attributed metrics with up to 100% accuracy. These metrics are great to gain a comprehensive understanding of your data, giving you the confidence you need to scale.

Easily identify which campaigns, ad sets, and ads are performing well and cut losses on under performers. See a side by side comparison of both your platform original reported metrics and the accurate Stiddle attributed metrics.

As you can see below, Stiddle has reported 13 purchases, when compared to the original Facebook reported 6. Now that we know this, we can scale a campaign we would’ve otherwise stopped - thinking it was a loss.

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