How to connect Facebook Ads to Stiddle

Connecting Facebook to Stiddle

Connect Facebook to Stiddle to start syncing your campaign, ad set, and ads data for a single source of truth with purchase tracking, attribution, identity resolution, and reporting. 

Getting Started

To connect Facebook, select the workspace you want to connect to. Once selected, navigate to the workspace settings, then select “Connectors”. 

Select “Ad Channels”, find Facebook, then select “Connect To Stiddle”. 

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the integration with Facebook and Stiddle. Make sure to provide access to all of the required permissions requested by Stiddle.

Once connected, you’ll see a list of all your Facebook ad accounts. Begin syncing Facebook with Stiddle by selecting one of the ad accounts. 

You can also easily disconnect a Facebook ad account, however you will need to have an ad account actively connected to use most features. We don't recommend frequently switching between ad accounts, as this can cause issues with campaign tracking.

Important Please note that only one ad account can be selected per workspace. Once connected, your Facebook data will sync with Stiddle. If you need to track and manage additional Facebook ad accounts, please create a new workspace then connect and select your ad account, and set up tracking accordingly.

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