How to setup and install the Stiddle pixel with your Shopify store

In this tutorial we’ll walk you through the following steps to setup your Stiddle Pixel with your Shopify store.

Installing and configuring the Stiddle Pixel with Shopify

The Stiddle Pixel helps track and identify visitors from your site. This is required for accurate attribution and identity resolution. Please make sure to follow the steps exactly as they are described below. If set up incorrectly, Stiddle won’t be able to track and identify your customers - resulting in inaccurate ad tracking.

At any point during setup you face issues or have questions with setup, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our support team members - we’re here to help!

To find your Stiddle Pixel, select the workspace you want to enable and set up the pixel for. Once selected, navigate to the left hand navigation, select “Settings” and select “Pixel”.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you need to connect your sales connector (ie. Shopify) to Stiddle before accessing and installing the Stiddle Pixel. If you don’t have a sales connector integrated when selecting “Pixel” in settings, you will see the following prompt to connect.

Once you have a sales integration connected, you will see your Stiddle Pixel script to copy.

Start by copying the “Base Code” of the Stiddle Pixel and navigate to your Shopify store dashboard. Select “Online Store” from the left hand navigation, then navigate to “Themes”. Select the three dot menu, then select “Edit Code”.

Once in the Shopify code editor, navigate to the left hand menu and select “theme.liquid” - this is stored under the “layout” folder. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste your copied Stiddle Pixel code into the file right above the closing </body> tag.

Make sure to save your changes.

Navigate back to your Stiddle Pixel settings, copy the “Conversion Code” - from step 2.

Go back into your Shopify dashboard, select “Settings” - found on the left hand navigation. Then select the “Checkout” tab. 

Scroll down to the “Order Status Page” section and paste your Stiddle Pixel Conversion Code, under “Additional Scripts”.

Select “Save” to save your changes.

That’s it! Your Stiddle Pixel is not installed on your Shopify store. To verify it is working and installed correctly, navigate back to your Stiddle Pixel settings page to see if the pixel status is set to “Pixel Active”. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Stiddle Pixel status will only change to active status after it has identified a new visitor on your Shopify store. To test this, go into an incognito or private browser and visit your Shopify store and click around to a few pages. Navigate back to your Stiddle Pixel settings, refresh the page, and check to see if the status is now set to active.

If you are unsure of which Shopify store you have connected to Stiddle and want to see where the traffic is coming from, select the “Pixel Status” button to find more information on the status and troubleshooting.

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